Best Golf in the British Islands

The #1 island golf course in the Caribbean.

Grand Key's members enjoy one of the most enjoyable courses in the Caribbean and a clubhouse complete with full-service golf shops offering the latest and greatest in golf apparel and equipment. The golf courses' natural terrain, streams, and foothills while taking into account ocean breezes combined with ample bunkering and narrow fairways with strategically placed landing areas, will offer a challenge for golfers at any levels.

For general instruction, or to work on specific techniques, our cultured professional staff is ready to help you take your game up a notch. In fact, Grand Key one of the few island clubs with 100 years of cumulative PGA Membership amongst its golf staff. Their knowledge of not only the game, but of the membership as well, makes encounters with them enjoyable, comfortable and familiar. Our staff offers a wide variety of lessons, clinics, and golf programs to fit golfers at every level and age.

Hole 1 at Grand Key Club 

Hole #1

  • Par 4
  • Men's Handicap: 3
  • Women's Handicap: 7
  • 428
  • 420
  • 406
  • 308
Hole Description

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